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We made it our mission to help you grow your Russian vocabulary with ease, fun and completely free of charge.
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Russian word of the day

From Monday to Friday, we publish new Russian words with examples and audio

Russian lesson of the day

Based on the series Russian Word of the Day, Russian Lesson of the Day allows you to practice the vocabulary you learn with us using the method of spaced repetition.

Russian flashcards

Practice makes perfect, this is why we created the flashcards that can help you memorize our "Russian Word of the Day" and repeat all the words you learned earlier.

About "Learn Russian Words"

We created this site with a goal to provide all Russian students with free everyday practice.

In our series "Russian Word of the Day", we publish a new Russian word or phrase with two examples and audio every day. In order to make our "Russian Word of the Day" interesting not only to beginners, but also to intermediate and advanced Russian learners, we try to mix simple and basic Russian words with the words that anyone would be interested to know and find useful in their daily life.

"Repetition is the mother of learning", - Russians say. To give you an opportunity to repeat the vocabulary you've learned with us, we've created the flashcards. The interface of the flashcards, as the interface of the whole site, is adapted for mobile platforms, so you can learn new Russian words and phrases and test yourself anytime and anywhere, as long as you are connected to the internet.

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To find more ways to learn Russian, have a look at the links below. We created a whole network of Russian websites that offer a great variety of activities to learn and practice Russian language online.

Happy learning! :)

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