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We made it our mission to help you grow your Russian vocabulary with ease, fun and completely free of charge.
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Russian word of the day

From Monday to Friday, we publish Russian words for you to learn. Here are the most recent ones:

We strive to be the best

  • Every word we publish comes with a picture, two examples and audio recorded by a native Russian speaker.
  • All the previous words are available in a calendar format.
  • The audio is available at two playback speeds: normal and slowed down.
  • Every noun comes with its declension table.
  • Every verb comes with its conjugation.
  • When possible, the words come with a list of same stem words.
  • When possible, the verbs come with their perfective/imperfective counterparts.
  • Our newsletter includes not only the word of the day but also additional exercises.
  • Russian lesson of the day allows you to repeat the vocabulary you learn with us, as well as practice some grammar (declension, verb conjugation and aspects) and test your translation and writing skills.
  • You can learn the words by category with the lists and flashcards.
  • And all this is completely free!

Russian words by category

Having started in 2017, today we have 1515 Russian words divided into 60 categories.

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