Will you marry me? in Russian: How to say?

Feb 08, 2021 | How to say it in Russian?

There are a few ways to say Will you marry me? in Russian. Here, we will try to cover all of them.

In Russian, to say to get married, we use the word же́ниться for men and вы́йти за́муж for women:

to get married (for women)

вы́йти за́муж
to get married (for a woman)

So if you are a guy and you want to propose to a woman, you can say:

Выходи́ за меня́ за́муж!
Marry me!


Ты вы́йдешь за меня́ за́муж?
Will you marry me?

If you are a girl and you want to propose to a guy (things happen these days), you can say:

Жени́сь на мне!
Marry me! (sounds a bit aggressive, but it all depends on your relationships)

Ты на мне же́нишься?
Will you marry me?

Ты возьмёшь меня́ за́муж?
Will you marry me?

When talking about both sexes at the same time, you should use the verb жени́ться (imperfective) / пожени́ться (perfective):

Дава́й поже́нимся!
Let’s get married!

If you don’t know the difference between imperfective and perfective verbs, we recommend you to study this lesson: Russian verb aspects.

You can also use other constructions to ask your beloved one to marry you. For example:

Бу́дешь мое́й жено́й?
Will you be my wife?

Будь мое́й жено́й!
Be my wife!

Бу́дешь мои́м му́жем?
Will you be my husband?

Будь мои́м му́жем!
Be my husband!

If it is too early to talk about marriage and you just want to talk about your feelings, check out how to say I love you in Russian, other romantic Russian phrases and Russian terms of endearment.

Good luck in your relationships!

Listen to "Will you marry me?" in Russian

The audio recording includes all the examples (in bold and blue) listed above.

How to say "Get married" in Russian

to get married
вы́йти за́муж [výitee zámuzh] Phrase
to get married (for women)

Related examples

  • Выходи́ за меня́ за́муж!

    vyhadée za meenyá zámush

    Marry me! (said to a woman)

  • Она́ вы́шла за́муж за мужчи́ну свое́й мечты́.

    aná výshla zámush za muzhchéenu svayéî meechtý

    She married the man of her dreams.

  • Она́ вы́шла за́муж четы́ре го́да наза́д.

    aná výshla zámuzh chetýrye góda nazát

    She married four years ago.

  • Оте́ц хоте́л, что́бы она́ вы́шла за́муж за како́го-нибу́дь богача́, а не работя́гу.

    atyéts hatyél, chtóby aná výshla zámush za kakóva neebút' bagachá, a nye rabatyágu

    Her father wanted her to marry someone rich, not a blue-collar worker.

  • Мы реши́ли пожени́ться.

    my reeshéelee pazheenéetsa

    We decided to get married.

  • Он остепени́лся и реши́л жени́ться.

    on asteepeenéelsya ee reeshéel zheenéetsa

    He settled down and decided to get married.

  • Они́ пожени́лись на про́шлой неде́ле.

    anée pazheenéelees' na próshlaî needyélye

    They got married last week.

  • Он жени́лся год наза́д.

    on zheenéelsya got nazát

    He got married a year ago.

  • Он сде́лал мне предложе́ние!

    on sdyélal mnye preedlazhéneeye

    He proposed to me!

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