Russian verbs

перекуси́ть [pee-ree-ku-séet'] Verb , perfective
to snack, to have a bite; to bite through
to develop, to evole, tp grow, to progress, to thrive, to unfold, to advance
to admire, to feast one's eyes
переборщи́ть [pee-ree-bar-schéet'] Verb , perfective
to overdo, to go too far
to think out, to devise, to contrive, to invent
перекрои́ть [pee-ree-kra-éet'] Verb , perfective
to cut out again; to remake, to reshape
to settle, to make oneself comfortable; to take up position; to be situated
сut into pieces for sewing something; (figuratively) specially adapt
to lay together, to put together; to pile up, to heap, to stack; to pack; (math.) to add, to sum up; to fold (up)
to agree, to consent, to assent, to accept; to concede (to), to concur (with)
сообрази́ть [sa-ab-ra-zéet'] Verb , perfective
to understand, to grasp, to realize, to figure out
to snap; to snarl; to talk back
to be famous/renowned
to make, to produce, to manufacture
to put up with, to resign oneself, to come to terms
to be mistaken, to err
to take a run, to gather momentum/speed, to accelerate
to make up (for); to catch up (with)
to cough, to have a cough
приручи́ть [pree-ru-chéet'] Verb , perfective
to tame, to domesticate
ощуща́ть [a-schu-schát'] Verb , imperfective
to feel, to sense, to perceive; to become aware (of)
причиня́ть [pree-chee-nyat'] Verb , imperfective
to cause, to do
to blab / blurt out; to spill the beans
to succeed, to be successful, to prosper, to thrive
перева́ривать [pee-ree-vá-ree-vat'] Verb , imperfective
to digest; (figurative) to stomach; to spoil by overcooking; to cook/boil again
to think, to consider, to ponder; to understand, to grasp
to tell (on / upon); to affect
to see, to realize; to grasp the meaning