Russian verbs

взве́шивать [vzvyé-shee-vát'] Verb , imperfective
to weigh; (figuratively) to consider
to dig; (под кого-то) to plot against someone
to perform, to speak in public; to stand/stick out; to be
to order, to book
to write down, to record, to take notes
застёгивать [zas-tyó-gee-vat'] Verb , imperfective
to fasten, to do up, to button up, to buckle, to clasp, to hook
to deal or play in or with anything liquid
to frown, to scowl
to prepare, to make ready; to cook
to climb, to creep, to reach, to get into
to serve, to work as, to do one's duty
to step on, to tread on; to come, to begin, to set in
напеча́тать [na-pee-chá-tat'] Verb , perfective
to print; to type
to pity, to be sorry; to regret
to turn around/back; to turn out
to save up, to put by; to store up, to lay up; to accumulate, to amass
to reflect, to ponder
to win, to defeat; to overcome, to prevail, to master
to calculate, to estimate, to reckon, to figure out; to try on
to swear, to curse, to use bad language; to swear at each other, to have a fight, to quarrel, to argue
измени́ть [eez-mee-néet'] Verb , perfective
change, modify, vary, alter; to betray, to be unfaithful
to weigh oneself
to greet, to salute, to welcome, to hail
to be tempered; to train oneself to cold temperatures
to chuckle, to giggle, to titter, to snigger
to pollinate