Russian verbs

to allow, to permit
to (try to) catch
to stuff with, to cram with, to dose with
to make a wish, to plan; to propose; to ask a riddle
to tidy up, to clean up; to get out, to leave
to hint, to allude, to imply
to lead, to guide, to conduct, to direct
to answer, to reply, to respond; to be responsible
to burn, to be on fire; to blaze
to lie about (in disorder); to be scattered all over; to loll about
to be half asleep; (figurative) to be at rest, immobility
соверши́ть [sa-veer-shéet'] Verb , perfective
to commit, to accomplish, to perform, to make
to cut in; to strike heavily, to give a sharp blow
to surprise, to astonish, to amaze
to invent; to devise, to contrive
to strive, to seek, to aspire, to aim
to put on airs, to boast, to plume oneself, to brag
to absorb, to take in, to soak up/in, to drink in
to express, to say, to tell, to state
to seethe, to boil up
to feel / be shy / self-conscious / embarrassed; to hesitate
to dissolve; to open, to swing open
to cut
чини́ть [chee-néet'] Verb , masculine
to fix, to repair, to mend
to lecture, to tell off, to reprimand, to give a talking-to, to rebuke
заши́ть [za-shéet'] Verb , perfective
to sew up; to mend
to create, to make