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"Wake up" in Russian

Russian word of the day | Apr 26, 2018
[ pra-sy-pá-tsa ]
Verb , imperfective
to wake up

Examples of "Wake up" in Russian

  • Ка́ждый день я просыпа́юсь в семь у́тра и́з-за гро́хота стро́йки по сосе́дству.

    kázh-dyî dyen' ya pra-sy-pá-yus' v syem' ut-ra eez-za gró-ha-ta stróî-kee pa sa-syét-stvu

    Every day I wake up at seven in the morning because of the noise of construction in the neighborhood.

  • Ты во ско́лько обы́чно просыпа́ешься?

    ty va skól'-ka a-bých-na pra-sy-pá-eesh-sya

    At what time do you usually wake up?

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Additional examples

More Russian sentences with the words that contain "просыпа".

  • Обы́чно я просыпа́юсь в райо́не семи́ у́тра.

    a-bých-na ya pra-sy-pá-yus' v ra-yó-ne see-mée ut-rá

    I usually wake up around 7 am.

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