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Samovar - Meaning in Russian

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[ sa-ma-vár ]
Noun , masculine

Useful information

The word samovar consists of two words: сам (self) and вари́ть (to cook by boiling). So literally the word can be translated as "self-brewer".

The samovar was widely used in Russia before the age of electricity. A traditional samovar is a metal container with a tap at the bottom and a pipe located inside. This pipe is filled with solid fuel which is ignited to heat the water in the outside container.

The samovar is also well known outside of Russia and spread through the Russian culture to Eastern Europe, South-Eastern Europe, Middle East and India, Vietnam and parts of Central Europe.

Examples of "Samovar" in Russian

  • В XIX ве́ке самова́р стал це́нтром пра́здничного засто́лья и незамени́мым атрибу́том ру́сского чаепи́тия.

    v dee-veet-ná-tsa-tam vyé-kye sa-ma-vár stal tsént-ram prázd-neech-na-va zas-tól'-ya ee nye-za-mee-née-mym at-ree-bú-tam rús-ka-va chee-ee-pée-tee-ya

    In the XIX century samovar became the center of the festive meal and an indispensable attribute of Russian tea drinking.

  • Вода́ в самова́ре до́лгое вре́мя не остыва́ет, а чай зава́ривается значи́тельно лу́чше.

    va-dá v sa-ma-vá-rye dól-ga-ye vryé-mya nye as-ty-vá-eet, a chaî za-vá-ree-va-ee-tsa zna-chée-teel'-na lúch-she

    The water in the samovar does not cool down for a long time, and the tea is brewed much better.

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Declension of the word самовар

Case Singular Plural
Nominative Nom. самова́р самова́ры
Genitive Gen. самова́ра самова́ров
Dative Dat. самова́ру самова́рам
Accusative Acc. самова́р самова́ры
Instrumental Inst. самова́ром самова́рами
Prepositional Prep. самова́ре самова́рах

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