Russian imperfective verbs

to develop, to evole, tp grow, to progress, to thrive, to unfold, to advance
to admire, to feast one's eyes
to think out, to devise, to contrive, to invent
to settle, to make oneself comfortable; to take up position; to be situated
сut into pieces for sewing something; (figuratively) specially adapt
to lay together, to put together; to pile up, to heap, to stack; to pack; (math.) to add, to sum up; to fold (up)
to agree, to consent, to assent, to accept; to concede (to), to concur (with)
to snap; to snarl; to talk back
to be famous/renowned
to make, to produce, to manufacture
to be mistaken, to err
to take a run, to gather momentum/speed, to accelerate
to cough, to have a cough
ощуща́ть [a-schu-schát'] Verb , imperfective
to feel, to sense, to perceive; to become aware (of)
причиня́ть [pree-chee-nyat'] Verb , imperfective
to cause, to do
to succeed, to be successful, to prosper, to thrive
перева́ривать [pee-ree-vá-ree-vat'] Verb , imperfective
to digest; (figurative) to stomach; to spoil by overcooking; to cook/boil again
to think, to consider, to ponder; to understand, to grasp
to tell (on / upon); to affect
to look forward (to); to anticipate (with pleasure), to foretaste
to improve, to make better, to ameliorate, to enhance
сочиня́ть [sa-chee-nyát'] Verb , imperfective
to compose, to write; to invent, to make up, to fabricate
to flow, to run, to pass, to leak
to master, to assimilate; to become familiar (with); to settle; to develop
to develop, to design, to engineer, to elaborate, to exploit, to work up, to process
to demand, to request, to require; to call for