Russian imperfective verbs

to reproach, to upbraid, to blame
to touch, to concern, to apply
to touch; to move, to affect
to meddle, to get involved
завора́живающий [za-va-rá-zhee-va-yu-scheeî] Adjective , imperfective
bewitching, spellbinding, enchanting, fascinating
to complete, to supplement, to complement, to add, to amplify
to argue, to debate, to dispute; to bet
to complain
to install, to mount; to establish; to determine, to ascertain
to turn over the pages, to leaf over / through
to throw, to cast, to fling
to hunt, to chase
to communicate, to associate, to socialize
to allow, to permit
to (try to) catch
to stuff with, to cram with, to dose with
to make a wish, to plan; to propose; to ask a riddle
to tidy up, to clean up; to get out, to leave
to hint, to allude, to imply
to lead, to guide, to conduct, to direct
to answer, to reply, to respond; to be responsible
to burn, to be on fire; to blaze
to lie about (in disorder); to be scattered all over; to loll about
to be half asleep; (figurative) to be at rest, immobility
безмяте́жность [beez-mee-tyézh-nast'] Noun , imperfective
insouciance, placidity, serenity
to surprise, to astonish, to amaze
to invent; to devise, to contrive
to strive, to seek, to aspire, to aim