10 Russian adverbs to enrich your vocabulary

Nov 17, 2020 | Russian audio vocabulary

When it comes to speaking foreign languages, there is no better feeling than being able to recall just the right words and the right time.

Today, we offer you 10 Russian adverbs that can help you to get this exact feeling. The words below can be used in different situations and will definitely diversify your speech.

Click on the word if you want to see the examples.

At the end of the lesson, there is a link to practice all these words with flashcards.

inadvertently, by accident
начеку́ [nacheekú] Adverb
on the alert, on one's guard, on the look-out
заве́домо [zavyédama] Adverb
wittingly, deliberately, knowingly; admittedly, certainly
зря [zrya] Adverb
in vain, to no purpose, (all) for nothing
all without exception
unawares, unexpectedly, by surprise
вдре́безги [vdryébeezgee] Adverb
into smithereens, to pieces
понаро́шку [panaróshku] Adverb , variation - "понаро́шке"
for fun, pretending, in pretence
и́менно [éemeenna] Adverb
exactly, just, in particular; namely
насма́рку [nasmárku] Adverb , used only in combinations
with no positive outcome, ~go down the drain

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