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"Cash" in Russian

Russian word of the day | Feb 16, 2018 (see all)
[ na-léech-ny-ye ]
Noun , plural
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Examples of "Cash" in Russian

  • Вы бу́дете плати́ть нали́чными и́ли по ка́рте?

    vy bú-dee-tye pla-téet' na-léech-ny-mee ée-lee pa kár-tye

    Will you pay in cash or by a card?

  • У меня́ нет с собо́й нали́чных.

    u mee-nyá nyet s sa-bóî na-léech-nyh

    I do not have any cash with me.

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Declension of the word наличные

Case Singular Plural
Nominative Nom. нали́чные
Genitive Gen. нали́чных
Dative Dat. нали́чным
Accusative Acc. нали́чные
Instrumental Inst. нали́чными
Prepositional Prep. нали́чных

Same stem words

to differ, to distinguish oneself; to be remarkable; (ironic) to cause a stir
ли́чный [léech-nyî] Adjective
personal, individual, private
to distinguish, to tell the difference; to make out, to discern
ли́чность [léech-nast'] Noun , feminine
personality; person, individual
отли́чно [at-léech-na] Adverb
excellent, very good, perfect, great

Additional examples

  • За сня́тие нали́чных в банкома́те сторо́ннего ба́нка взима́ется коми́ссия.

    za snyá-tee-ye na-léech-nyh v ban-ka-má-tye sta-rón-nee-va bán-ka vzee-má-ee-tsa ka-mées-see-ya

    A fee is charged for withdrawing cash from a third-party bank ATM.

  • Он оплати́л все поку́пки нали́чными.

    on a-pla-téel fsye pa-kúp-kee na-léech-ny-mee

    He paid all purchases in cash.

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2 thoughts on “Наличные

  1. Hello, both instrumental case and по + dative indicate the instrument with which to do something. How are they different? In the first example, can I say по нали́чным и́ли ка́ртой instead? Thanks.

    • Learn Russian Words says:

      Hi Anita,

      You can say “картой” but you can’t say “по наличным”, it just does not work.

      How they are different: in cases where you can say both, they are identical, no difference.

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