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"Buddy" in Russian

Russian word of the day | Dec 03, 2018
[ pree-yá-teel' ]

Noun , masculine, feminine - "прия́тельница"

Plural - прия́тели

pal, buddy, friend

Useful information

You can find roughly free levels of friendship in the Russian language: ЗНАКОМЫЙ (somebody you know), ПРИЯТЕЛЬ (somebody you know and on good terms with), and ДРУГ (you are close and participate in each other's life).


  • Знако́мьтесь, э́то мой прия́тель, Макси́м.

    zna-kóm'-tyes', é-ta moî pree-yá-teel', mak-séem

    Please meet, this is my friend, Maxim.

  • Как зову́т твоего́ прия́теля?

    kak za-vút tva-ee-vó pree-yá-tee-lya

    What is your buddy's name?

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