"Dacha" - Meaning in Russian

Russian word of the day for Sep 14, 2017
[ dá-cha ]

Noun , feminine

dacha, summer house, cottage


  • Ле́то мы обы́чно прово́дим на да́че.

    lyé-ta my a-bých-na pra-vó-deem na dá-che

    We usually spend summer in the dacha.

  • У них небольша́я да́ча в ста киломе́трах от го́рода.

    u neeh nee-bal'-shá-ya dá-cha f sta kee-la-myét-rah at gó-ra-da

    They have a small cottage a hundred kilometers from the city.

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Same stem words

да́чник [dách-neek] Noun , feminine - "да́чница"
an urban resident living in the summer at the dacha

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