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Word of the day: дели́ть

[ dee-leet' ]

to divide, to share

To make the most of it, try to answer some questions below, or simply...

Today's exercises

If a question are too advanced for you, just skip it and move on to the next one:

1. Translate this to Russian using the word of the day:

•  They divided the proceeds for two.

•  All this invariably divided people into warring groups.

2. Remember what it means?

•  париться

3. How do you say it in Russian?

•  light bulb

4. Translate this to English:

•   Салат, который в разных странах носит название “русский”, в России называется “Оливье”.

5. Practice 10 random words with flashcards:

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Russian lesson of the day

The Russian Lesson of the Day includes a series of questions based on the words from the series Russian Word of the Day as well as some grammar exercises. The lesson is designed to help you memorize the vocabulary you learn with us and practice your audio and translation skills. The last two exercises help you to practice Russian cases and verb conjugation.

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