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Word of the day: передава́ть

[ pee-ree-da-vát' ]

to pass, to hand over, to deliver; to tell, to communicate, to transmit, to convey

To make the most of it, try to answer some questions below, or simply...

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Today's exercises

If a question are too advanced for you, just skip it and move on to the next one:

1. Translate this to Russian using the word of the day:

•  Misha sent his regards (lit.: passed hello to you).

•  It was reported on TV that a powerful thunderstorm was expected.

2. Remember what it means?

•  брюки

3. How do you say it in Russian?

•  on the alert, on one's guard, on the look-out

4. Translate this to English:

•   Я так устала, еле на ногах стою.

5. Practice 10 random words with flashcards:

Hello from Very Much Russian

If your level of Russian is intermediate or advanced, we invite you to discover content from another website of our network - Very Much Russian. (This content is only available with English translation.)

Random Russian podcast
Заморить червячка
Random Russian joke
Random Russian proverb
Не руби сук, на котором сидишь
Random Russian song
Я не люблю - Владимир Высоцкий (1968)

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