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Word of the day: чини́ть

[ chee-néet' ]

to fix, to repair, to mend

To make the most of it, try to answer some questions below, or simply...

Today's exercises

If a question is too advanced for you, just skip it and move on to the next one:

1. Translate this to Russian using the word of the day:

•  He repaired and set up computers in the office.

•  It used to be customary to fix things rather than throw them away and buy new ones.

2. Remember what it means?

•  сдуреть

3. How do you say it in Russian?

•  result, sum, total

4. Translate this to English:

•   Зажми вот здесь пассатижами и держи, пока я не скажу.

5. Practice 10 random words with flashcards:

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