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Our vision and steps toward it

We believe in the future where people are freely sharing knowledge and skills and the whole world is benefiting from everyone's desire to make things around us better.

For more than 10 years, we are bringing this vision one little step closer to life by keeping all the websites of our network completely free and consistantly striving to make them as educative and fun as possible.

Our reality

However, living in our present times, we have to adapt to them. Running the whole network of websites takes a lot of time and requires expenses. So we, as everybody else, need funds to survive and continue our work.

We do run ads to fund ourselves, but as you might have noticed, we try to make them as less intrusive as possible. As a result, they do not bring as much. Besides, the number of people using adblock is growing day by day and we can only agree with that on a personal level.

How you can support us

If you like what we do, if you like our vision, and if you can afford to spend some amount of money today, please support us. You can do it by making a single or monthly donation below or by buying one of the offline packages.

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