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"Yes" in Russian

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[ da ]
Particle , can be also an interjection with the meaning "and" or "but"
yes; sometimes used to amplify what was said (without "yes" meaning)

Useful information

One of the most confusing sentences in Russian is probably да нет наверное.

While literally translated as yes no maybe, it actually means probably not.

Да in this case is used not in the meaning of yes, but as an interjection, so the words that carry the meaning in the sentence are only нет наверное.

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Examples of "Yes" in Russian

  • Ты всё поняла́? - Да.

    ty fsyo pa-nee-la? - da

    Did you understand everything? - Yes.

  • Да нет же, всё совсе́м не так!

    da nyet zhe, fsyo saf-syém nye tak

    But no, it's not like that at all!

  • Ты голо́дная? - Да, о́чень!

    ty ga-lód-na-ya - da, ó-cheen'

    Are you hungry? - Yes, very!

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