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Ushanka - Meaning in Russian

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[ u-shán-ka ]
Noun , feminine
ushanka, ear-flaps hat

Interesting facts about ushanka

The ushanka came from the Mongol malach and has come a long way to become one of the most common winter hats for Russian people. This hat is very popular among young people until now as it perfectly saves the heads of Russians in frosty winters.

For foreigners, ushanka has long grown into the image of a typical Russian. Tourists are buying them coupled with matryoshkas and calling them in the Russian manner (shapka or ushanka). These terms, incidentally, are included in the Oxford Dictionary.

After Roman Abramovich acquired Chelsea, ushanka became a key element in the uniform of the team fans. Thus, they expressed their appreciation to the strange Russian who invested a lot of money in a football club.

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Examples of "Ushanka" in Russian

  • Ша́пка-уша́нка - э́то широко́ распространённый головно́й убо́р в Росси́и.

    sháp-ka-u-shán-ka - é-ta shee-ra-kó ras-prast-ra-nyón-nyî ga-lav-nóî u-bór v ras-sée-ee

    Ushanka hat is a widespread headdress in Russia.

  • Ша́пка уша́нка безу́мно тёплая, э́то подтверди́т ка́ждый, кто хоть раз надева́л её в лю́тый моро́з.

    sháp-ka-u-shán-ka bee-zúm-na tyóp-la-ya, é-ta pad-veer-déet kázh-dyî, kto hot' ras na-dee-vál ye-yó v lyú-tyî ma-rós

    A cap with earflaps (ushanka) is insanely warm, this will be confirmed by everyone who at least once put it on in severe frost.

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Declension of the word ушанка

Case Singular Plural
Nominative Nom. уша́нка уша́нки
Genitive Gen. уша́нки уша́нок
Dative Dat. уша́нке уша́нкам
Accusative Acc. уша́нку уша́нки
Instrumental Inst. уша́нкой уша́нками
Prepositional Prep. уша́нке уша́нках

Same stem words

нау́шники [na-úsh-nee-kee] Noun , plural
headphones, earphones
уша́стый [u-shás-tyi] Adjective
у́хо [ú-ha] Noun , neuter

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