Banya - Meaning in Russian

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[ bá-nya ]
Noun , feminine
Plural - ба́ни
bathhouse, Russian sauna

Useful information

Banya is originally an Eastern Slavic steam bath with a wood stove. Banya is an important part of Russian culture. In modern days, the word banya may also refer to a public bathhouse.

Examples of "Banya" in Russian

  • Испоко́н веко́в на Ру́си лечи́лись с по́мощью ба́ни: счита́лось, что из распа́ренного органи́зма ухо́дят все неду́ги.

    ees-pa-kón vee-kóf na ru-sée lee-chee-lees' s po-masch'-yu bá-nee: schee-tá-las' chto eez ras-pá-reen-na-va or-ga-néez-ma u-hó-dyat fsye nee-dú-gee

    In Russia, from time immemorial people cured themselves with the help of a bath(house): it was believed that all the ailments leave the steamed organism.

  • Для ру́сских ба́ня без ве́ника – э́то не ба́ня.

    dlya rús-keeh bá-nya byez vyé-nee-ka - é-ta nye bá-nya

    For the Russians a banya without a broom is not a banya.

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