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"Eat" in Russian

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[ yest' ]
Verb , imperfective
Often used with the Accusative case
Perfective - пое́сть, съесть (see below)
to eat

The perfective aspect

съесть [s-yest'] Verb
to eat (up)
пое́сть [pa-yest'] Verb
to eat; to have a bite / snack, to take some food
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Examples of "Eat" in Russian

  • Ты голо́дный? Есть хо́чешь?

    ty ga-lód-nyî? yest' hó-cheesh'?

    Are you hungry? Do you want to eat?

  • Я сего́дня ещё ничего́ не ела.

    ya see-vód-nya ye-schyó nee-chee-vó nye yé-la

    I haven’t eaten anything yet today.

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