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Here is a list of all the user suggestions we are planning to implement.

Due to our limited resources, we can only do one at a time and it might take a while for each.

You can help us to bring the most useful features to you faster by letting us know what you would like the most out of suggested features. Click on the heart under the liked feature to give your vote for it.

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Ability to choose the time of receiving the newsletter
In your newsletter settings, you will be able to select the time at which the newsletter with the Word of the Day will be sent to your email.
Add a quiz on verbs of motion to the lesson of the day
The MCQ quiz will include 10 questions where each question is a sentence with a verb missing. There will be 6 options to choose from as an answer.
Add dark mode
In the account settings, there will be a choice of mode: light (default) and dark. If you choose dark, the interface of the site will switch to "night" mode.
A form to suggest future words of the day
Add explanations to quizzes on cases and conjugations
The correct answer to the question will include a short explanation and a link to related lesson (if exists).
In the lesson of the day, make it that quiz questions are not random but set for every day
At the moment, in all the quizzes except the first two, the questions are shown randomly. The suggestion is to change it that every time you or your friend in the other part of the world opens the page, the set of questions is the same for both and does not change until the next day.
Add transcriptions to verb conjugations
Add transcriptions to verb conjugations.
Quiz #2 of the Lesson on the Day (translations): add an intermediate qualification between Correct and Wrong
Add a qualification "Almost correct" that would allow students to better evaluate their progress.

4 thoughts on “Your suggestions

  1. Todays spelling is confusing. Why is я in today’s word pronounced ee and not ya?
    Feb 17th, meaning sensible.
    Thank you for your response,

    • Learn Russian Words says:

      Hi Nina,

      When unstressed and in the middle of a word, Я sounds as И. Having said that, it is not a mistake to pronounce it as Я, in conversational speech you can hear Я or И, depending on the articulation the speaker.

  2. lincoln.landrum says:

    Hello! I am having a problem with getting audio with words and phrases. I’m sure I just need to turn something off or on, but I’m not sure what it is. If you could help I would appreciate it. Thanks, Linc

    • Learn Russian Words says:

      Hi Lincoln,

      Are you using an iPad or iPhone? I’m not sure how it is now but we used to have issue reproducing audio on those.

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