Russian perfective verbs

подши́ть [pat-shéet'] Verb , perfective
to sew on / in, to hem, to line; to file
пригото́вить [pree-ga-tó-veet'] Verb , perfective
to prepare, to make ready; to cook
соверши́ть [sa-veer-shéet'] Verb , perfective
to commit, to accomplish, to perform, to make
to cut in; to strike heavily, to give a sharp blow
to dissolve; to open, to swing open
заши́ть [za-shéet'] Verb , perfective
to sew up; to mend
to create, to make
реши́ть [ree-shéet'] Verb , perfective
to decide, to solve
to span, to spread; to sprawl
to work well together; to achieve harmony in work
to frown, to scowl
to climb, to creep, to reach, to get into
to step on, to tread on; to come, to begin, to set in
напеча́тать [na-pee-chá-tat'] Verb , perfective
to print; to type
to turn around/back; to turn out
измени́ть [eez-mee-néet'] Verb , perfective
change, modify, vary, alter; to betray, to be unfaithful
to inspire, to invigorate
исцели́ть [ees-tse-léet'] Verb , perfective
to heal, to cure
to begin to think, to be lost in thoughts; to hesitate
to fall, to drop
to stay, to remain; to be left
to prompt, to suggest
заме́тить [za-myé-teet'] Verb , perfective
to notice; to remark, to observe
переста́ть [pee-ree-stát'] Verb , perfective
to stop, to cease, to quit