Russian adverbs

заодно́ [za-ad-nó] Adverb
at the same time, besides, too; at one, conjointly, together
при́стально [prées-tal'-na] Adverb
intently, fixedly, closely, narrowly
кра́тно [krát-na] Adverb
multiple; divisible
постепе́нно [pas-tee-pyén-na] Adverb
gradually, insensibly, bit by bit, little by little
допоздна́ [da-pazd-ná] Adverb
till late at night
про́тив [pró-teef] Adverb
натоща́к [na-ta-schák] Adverb
on an empty stomach
вме́сте [vmyés-tye] Adverb
че́стно [chyés-na] Adverb
honestly, frankly, fairly
однозна́чно [ad-na-znách-na] Adverb
unambiguously, unequivocally, for sure
совсе́м [saf-syém] Adverb
quite, entirely, totally; at all
навстре́чу [nafst-ryé-chu] Adverb
очеви́дно [a-chee-véed-na] Adverb
obviously, apparently, manifestly, evidently
и́менно [ée-meen-na] Adverb
exactly, just, in particular; namely
ненаро́ком [nee-na-ró-kam] Adverb
inadvertently, by accident
вку́сно [fkús-na] Adverb
tasty, delicious
здо́рово [zdó-ra-va] Adverb
marvelously, splendidly; very, awfully, terribly; well done!, splendid!, great!
романти́чно [ra-man-téech-na] Adverb
romantic, romanticly
па́смурно [pás-mur-na] Adverb
cloudy, overcast
светло́ [sveet-ló] Adverb
light, bright, brightly
позавчера́ [pa-za-fchee-rá] Adverb
the day before yesterday
послеза́втра [pas-lee-záft-ra] Adverb
the day after tomorrow
начеку́ [na-chee-kú] Adverb
on the alert, on one's guard, on the look-out
заве́домо [za-vyé-da-ma] Adverb
wittingly, deliberately, knowingly; admittedly, certainly
ти́хо [tée-ha] Adverb
quietly, softly, gently, silently; slowly
гро́мко [gróm-ka] Adverb
loud, loudly