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"Tasty" in Russian

Russian word of the day | Sep 09, 2020
[ fkús-na ]
tasty, delicious

Examples of "Tasty" in Russian

  • Как вку́сно! Что э́то?

    kak fkús-na! chto é-ta?

    So tasty! What is it?

  • Мы вку́сно пое́ли и хорошо́ отдохну́ли.

    my fkús-na pa-yé-lee ee ha-ra-shó at-dah-nú-lee

    We ate deliciously and rested well.

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Additional examples

More Russian sentences with the words that contain "вкусно".

  • Ну как, вку́сно? - Объеде́ние!

    nu kak, fkús-na? - ab-yee-dyé-nee-ye

    So how, is it good (tasty)? - Out of this world!

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Same stem words

безвку́сный [bees-fkús-nyî] Adjective
вкусня́тина [fkus-nyá-tee-na] Noun
it's delicious, yummy, tasty

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