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"To prompt" in Russian

Russian word of the day | Oct 06, 2021 (see all)
[ pat-ska-zát' ]
Verb , perfective
Often used with the Accusative, Dative
Imperfective - подска́зывать
to prompt, to suggest
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Examples of "To prompt" in Russian

  • Вы не подска́жете, как пройти́ к метро́ Не́вский проспе́кт?

    vy nye pat-ská-zhee-tye, kak praî-tée k meet-ró nyéfs-keeî pras-pyékt

    Can you tell me how to get to the Nevsky Prospekt metro station?

  • Подскажи́те, пожа́луйста, в како́й стороне́ вокза́л?

    pat-ska-zhée-tye, pa-zhá-lus-ta, f ka-kóî sta-ra-nyé vak-zál

    Tell me please, which way is the station?

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Same stem words

to tell (on / upon); to affect
to express, to say, to tell, to state
ска́зочный [ská-zach-nyî] Adjective
unreal, of fairy tale, magical; fabulous, fantastic, improbable
fairy tale/story
to say, to tell

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