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"Fabulous " in Russian

Russian word of the day | Sep 18, 2020 (see all)
[ ská-zach-nyî ]
unreal, of fairy tale, magical; fabulous, fantastic, improbable

Examples of "Fabulous " in Russian

  • Э́то назначе́ние открыва́ло пе́ред ним ска́зочные возмо́жности, о кото́рых он ра́ньше не реша́лся и мечта́ть.

    é-ta naz-na-chyé-nee-ye atk-ry-vá-la pyé-reed neem ská-zach-ny-ye vaz-mózh-nas-tee, a ka-tó-ryh on rán'-she nye ree-shál-sya ee meech-tát'

    This appointment opened up fabulous possibilities for him which he had never dared to dream of before.

  • Они́ живу́т в како́м-то своём ска́зочном ми́ре, име́ющем ма́ло отноше́ния к реа́льности.

    a-née zhee-vút f ka-kóm-ta sva-yóm ská-zach-nam mée-rye, ee-myé-yu-schyem má-la at-na-shyé-nee-ya k ree-ál'-nas-tee

    They live in some kind of fairy-tale world of their own which has little to do with reality.

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Same stem words

to tell (on / upon); to affect
to express, to say, to tell, to state
to prompt, to suggest
fairy tale/story
to say, to tell

Additional examples

More Russian sentences with the words that contain "сказочн".

  • Дед Моро́з - гла́вный ска́зочный персона́ж на пра́зднике Но́вого го́да.

    dyed ma-róz - gláv-nyî ská-zach-nyî pyer-sa-názh na prázd-nee-kye nó-va-va gó-da

    Grandfather Frost is the main mythical character of the New Year's festivities.

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