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"Fairy tale" in Russian

Russian word of the day | Oct 04, 2019
[ skás-ka ]

Noun , feminine

Plural - ска́зки

fairy tale/story


  • На его́ столе́ лежа́л сбо́рник ска́зок наро́дов ми́ра.

    na ye-vó sta-lyé lee-zhál sbór-neek ská-zak na-ródaf mée-ra

    On his table, there was a book with a collection of fairy tales of the peoples of the world.

  • Да ла́дно тебе́ ска́зки расска́зывать!

    da lád-na tee-byé skás-kee ras-ká-zy-vat'

    Come on, enough telling tales!

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Same stem words

сказа́ть [ska-zát'] Verb
to say, to tell

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