Russian word of the day: Подрабатывать

May 13, 2020
[ pad-ra-bá-ty-vat' ]

Verb , imperfective

Perfective - подрабо́тать

to earn additionally, to earn on the side


  • Будучи студе́нтом, она́ подраба́тывала, что́бы свести́ концы́ с конца́ми.

    bú-du-chee stu-dyén-tam, a-ná pad-ra-bá-ty-va-la. chtó-by sveest-ée kan-tsý s kan-tsá-mee

    As a student, she worked part time to make ends meet.

  • По выходны́м она́ подраба́тывает ня́ней.

    pa vy-had-ným a-ná pad-ra-bá-ty-va-eet nyá-nyeî

    On weekends, she (additionally) works as a baby sitter.

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Same stem words

безрабо́тный [beez-ra-bót-nyî] Adjective
unemployed, jobless
рабо́та [ra-bó-ta] Noun
work, job
рабо́тать [ra-bó-tat'] Verb
to work
зараба́тывать [za-ra-bá-ty-vat'] Verb
to earn

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