How was your day? in Russian: How to say?

Jun 23, 2019 | How to say it in Russian?

To say how was your day? in Russian use the following phrase:

Как прошёл твой день?
[kak pra-shól tvoî dyen’]

This phrase literally means how did your day pass?

Pay attention, that the phrase above can be used only in informal situations, i.e. when you are talking to your a friend, relative or person younger than you. In a formal situation (with somebody older than you, your boss, your business partner, etc.) or when you ask the question to a few people, you should say:

Как прошёл ваш день?
[kak pra-shól vash dyen’]

Как is how in Russian.

Прошёл is the past tense of the verb пройти́ (to pass).

Твой and ваш mean your.

And день is day in Russian.

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