Russian word of the day: Поработать

Jun 26, 2020 (see all)
[ pa-ra-bó-tat' ]
Verb , perfective
Imperfective - рабо́тать (see below)
to do some work, to put in some work

The imperfective aspect

рабо́тать [ra-bó-tat'] Verb
to work
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  • Я задержу́сь на час в о́фисе, на́до ещё порабо́тать.

    ya za-deer-zhús' na chas v ó-fee-sye, ná-da ye-schyo pa-ra-bó-tat'

    I’ll stay for another hour in the office, I have to do some more work.

  • Мы хорошо́ порабо́тали.

    my ha-ra-shó pa-ra-bó-ta-lee

    We did a good job.

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Same stem words

работя́га [ra-ba-tyá-ga] Noun , masculine or feminine
hard worker; plodder; blue-collar worker
подраба́тывать [pad-ra-bá-ty-vat'] Verb
to earn additionally, to earn on the side
безрабо́тный [beez-ra-bót-nyî] Adjective
unemployed, jobless
рабо́та [ra-bó-ta] Noun
work, job
зараба́тывать [za-ra-bá-ty-vat'] Verb
to earn

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