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Russian word of the day: Полюбить

Jul 26, 2017 (see all)
[ pa-lyu-béet' ]
Verb , perfective
Often used with the Accusative
Imperfective - люби́ть (see below)
to fall in love, to grow fond of, to come to like

The imperfective aspect

to love


  • Его́ невозмо́жно не полюби́ть.

    ee-vó nee-vaz-mózh-na nye pa-lyu-béet'

    It is impossible not to fall in love with him.

  • Они́ встре́тились и полюби́ли друг дру́га в университе́те.

    a-nee fstryé-tee-lees' ee pa-lyu-bée-lee druk drú-ga v u-nee-veer-see-tyé-tye

    They met and fell in love with each other at the university.

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Same stem words

to admire, to feast one's eyes
люби́мец [lyu-bée-meets] Noun , masculine , feminine: люби́мица
pet, favourite, minion
любвеоби́льный [lyub-vee-a-béel'-nyî] Adjective
loving, full of love, amorous; able to love strongly or many people
трудолюби́вый [tru-da-lyu-bée-vyî] Adjective
industrious, diligent, hard-working, assiduous
люби́тель [lyu-bée-tyel'] Noun , masculine
amateur, dilettante; lover, fan
to fall in love
to fall in love
любо́вь [lyu-bóf'] Noun , feminine

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