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"Amateur" in Russian

Russian word of the day | Oct 18, 2019
[ lyu-bée-tyel' ]
Noun , masculine
Plural - люби́тели
amateur, dilettante; lover, fan

Examples of "Amateur" in Russian

  • Он большо́й люби́тель рыба́лки.

    on bal'-shóî lyu-bée-tyel' ry-bál-kee

    He is a big fan of fishing.

  • Я не профессиона́льный фото́граф, скоре́е люби́тель.

    ya nye pra-fee-see-a-nál'-nyî fa-tóg-raf, ska-ryé-ye lyu-bée-tyel'

    I am not a professional photographer, rather an amateur.

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Additional examples

More Russian sentences with the words that contain "любител".

  • Он люби́тель путеше́ствовать автосто́пом.

    on lyu-bée-teel' pu-tee-shést-va-vat' af-ta-stó-pam

    He loves to hitch-hike.

Same stem words

влюбля́ться [vlyu-blyá-tsa] Verb
to fall in love
влюби́ться [vlyu-bée-tsa] Verb
to fall in love
полюби́ть [pa-lyu-béet'] Verb
to fall in love, to grow fond of, to come to like
люби́ть [lyu-béet'] Verb
to love
любо́вь [lyu-bóf'] Noun

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