Here you are! in Russian: How to say?

Jun 23, 2020 | How to say it in Russian?

To say here you are! in Russian (in the sense “here is what you need/asked”), you can use a few different phrases depending on a situation.

In a more or less formal situation, when you give something to someone and that someone expects it, you can use the word вот which can be translated as here:

Вот, пожа́луйста!
[vot, pa-zhá-lus-ta]
Here you are!

Literally it means here, please.

Another example with the word вот:

Вот ва́ши ключи́.
[vot vá-shee klyu-chée]
Here are your keys.

When you give something to someone and that someone does not expect it (for example, you are giving tips to a waiter), you can say:

Э́то вам!
[é-ta vam]
This is for you. (formal or plural)

Э́то тебе́!
[é-ta tee-byé]
This is for you. (informal)

In informal situations and between friends and relatives, Russians most often use the words на and держи́.

Мо́жешь переда́ть мне салфе́тку? – На.
[mó-zheesh’ pee-ree-dát’ mnye sal-fyét-ku – na]
Can you give me a tissue? – Here you are.

На, держи́.
[na, deer-zhée]
Here you are. / Here, take this.

На in this case is just an interjection and does not have a direct translation.

Держи́ is an imperative form from the verb держа́ть which means to hold, to keep. In plural and in formal situations it will be держи́те:

Вот, держи́те.
[vot, deer-zhée-tye]
Here you are.

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The audio recording includes all the examples (in bold and blue) listed above.

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[pazhálusta] Particle
please; you're welcome

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