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Russian word of the day: Влюбляться

Aug 31, 2018 (see all)
[ vlyu-blyá-tsa ]
Verb , imperfective
Often used with the Accusative
Perfective - влюби́ться (see below)
to fall in love

The perfective aspect

to fall in love


  • Говоря́т, что же́нщины влюбля́ются умо́м, а мужчи́ны – эмо́циями.

    ga-va-ryát, chto zhén-schee-ny vlyub-lya-yu-tsa u-móm, a muzh-chée-ny e-mó-tsee-ya-mee

    They say that women fall in love with the mind, and men with emotions.

  • Ка́ждый день он влюбля́лся в неё сно́ва и сно́ва.

    kázh-dyî den' on vlyub-lyál-sya v nee-yó snó-va ee snó-va

    Every day he was falling in love with her again and again.

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Same stem words

to admire, to feast one's eyes
люби́мец [lyu-bée-meets] Noun , masculine , feminine: люби́мица
pet, favourite, minion
любвеоби́льный [lyub-vee-a-béel'-nyî] Adjective
loving, full of love, amorous; able to love strongly or many people
трудолюби́вый [tru-da-lyu-bée-vyî] Adjective
industrious, diligent, hard-working, assiduous
люби́тель [lyu-bée-tyel'] Noun , masculine
amateur, dilettante; lover, fan
полюби́ть [pa-lyu-béet'] Verb , perfective
to fall in love, to grow fond of, to come to like
to love
любо́вь [lyu-bóf'] Noun , feminine

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