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"To understand" in Russian

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[ pa-nee-mát' ]
Verb , imperfective
Often used with the Accusative
Perfective - поня́ть (see below)
to understand

The perfective aspect

to understand, to comprehend; to see; to realize
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Examples of "To understand" in Russian

  • Я ни сло́ва не понима́ю из того́, что он говори́т.

    ya nee sló-va nee pa-né-má-yu ees ta-vó, chto on ga-va-réet

    I do not understand a word from what he says.

  • Я никогда́ не понима́ла, как э́то рабо́тает.

    ya nee-kag-dá nye pa-nee-má-la kak é-ta ra-bó-ta-yet

    I never understood how this works.

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