No problem in Russian: How to say?

Feb 23, 2020 | How to say it in Russian?

The closest translation of no problem in Russian is:

Без пробле́м.
[byez prab-lyem]
(Lit.: Without problems)

But you can also use some other options. For example, if someone accidentally pushed you and is saying sorry, you can reply:

Ничего́ стра́шного.
[nee-chee-vó strásh-na-va]
No problem. (Lit.: Nothing terrible.)

If someone asks you to do something and you are ready to do that, you can say:

Не вопро́с.
[nre vap-rós]
No problem. (Lit.: Not a question.)

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Related Russian words


[prablyéma] Noun , feminine
problem, issue, trouble

Related examples

  • Мы суме́ли найти́ реше́ние пробле́мы.

    my sumyélee naîtée reeshéneeye prablyémy

    We managed to find a solution to the problem.

  • Она́ поступи́ла в университе́т без пробле́м.

    aná pastupéela v uneevyerseetyét byes prablyém

    She was admitted to the university without any problems.

  • Ты не мог бы меня́ подки́нуть? - Без пробле́м, сади́сь.

    ty nye mog by meenyá padkéenut'? byes prablyém, sadées'

    Could you give me a ride? - No problem, get in the car (sit down in the car).

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