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Russian word of the day: Положить

Dec 17, 2020 (see all)
[ pa-la-zhéet' ]
Verb , perfective
Often used with the Accusative
Imperfective - класть
to put, to place (lying down)


  • На́до положи́ть коне́ц э́тому безобра́зию!

    ná-da pa-la-zhéet' a-nyéts é-ta-mu bee-za-brá-zee-yu

    We must put an end to this outrage!

  • Куда́ ты положи́л мою́ су́мку?

    kú-da ty pa-la-zhéel ma-yú súm-ku

    Where did you put my bag?

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Same stem words

ложь [losh'] Noun , feminine
lie, falsehood
сложи́ть [sla-zhéet'] Verb , perfective
to add up, to sum up; to fold; to pack, to stack up; to put together

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