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"Impressive" in Russian

Russian word of the day | Jul 22, 2020
[ fpee-cheet-lyá-yu-scheeî ]

Examples of "Impressive" in Russian

  • Они́ доби́лись впечатля́ющих результа́тов.

    a-née da-bée-lees' vpee-cheet-lyá-yu-scheeh ree-zul'-ta-taf

    They have achieved impressive results.

  • Должна́ сказа́ть, вид отсю́да дово́льно впечатля́ющий.

    dalzh-ná ska-zát', veet at-syú-da da-vól'-na vpee-cheet-lyá-yu-scheeî

    I must say, the view from here is quite impressive.

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