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"To respect" in Russian

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[ u-va-zhát' ]
Verb , imperfective
Often used with the Accusative case
Perfective - уважить
to respect
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Examples of "To respect" in Russian

  • Он всегда́ уважа́л мне́ние колле́г, но в э́тот раз про́сто не мог с ни́ми согласи́ться.

    on vseeg-dá u-va-zhál mnyé-nee-ye kal-lyég, no v é-tat ras prós-ta nee mok s née-mee sag-la-sée-tsa

    He always respected the opinion of his colleagues, but this time he simply could not agree with them.

  • Профе́ссора лю́бят и уважа́ют как студе́нты, так и колле́ги.

    pra-fyé-sa-ra lyú-byat ee u-va-zhá-yut kak stu-dyén-ty, tak ee-kal-lyé-gee

    The professor is loved and respected by both students and colleagues.

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