Spasiba - Meaning in Russian

Spasiba in Russian means thank you.

In Cyrillic it’s written спаси́бо.

Spasiba is a very important and must know word in Russian. If you want to give a good impression about yourself, use it as often as the situation allows.

If you want to say thank you very much, it will be большо́е спаси́бо [bal’-shó-ye spa-sée-ba] (which literally means big thank you).

A more informal way (in the style of “okie” instead of “okey”) would be spasibachki:


Keep in mind that it is only suitable between friends and relatives, otherwise it sounds not adequate.

Also pay attention, that spasiba in Russian is spelled with the last O but pronounced with A. You can learn more about Russian pronunciation here.

Listen to spasiba


[spaséeba] Particle
thanks, thank you

Examples of Spasiba in Russian

  • Апчхи! - Будь здоро́ва! - Спаси́бо.

    apchhée! but' zdaróva. spaséeba

    Ahchoo! - Bless you! - Thank you.

  • Как дела́? - Всё путём, спаси́бо.

    kak deelá? fsyo putyóm, spaséeba

    How are you? - Fine, thank you.

  • Спаси́бо большо́е за по́мощь.

    spaséeba bal'shóye za pómasch

    Thanks a lot for your help.

  • С наступа́ющим но́вым годом! - Спаси́бо, и тебя́ то́же с наступа́ющим!

    s nastupáyuscheem nóvym gódam! spaséeba, ee teebyá tózhe s nastupáyuscheem!

    Happy upcoming New Year! - Thank you, and to you too, happy upcoming one!

  • Спаси́бо большо́е. - Да не́ за что, пустяки́.

    spaséeba bal'shóye. da nye za chto, pusteekée

    Thank you so much. - Don't mention it, these are small things.

  • Спаси́бо, что обо всём позабо́тился.

    spaséeba, chto aba fsyom pazabóteelsya

    Thank you for taking care of everything.

  • Хо́чешь перекуси́ть? - Спаси́бо, я не голо́дная.

    hócheesh' peereekuséet'? spaséeba, ya nye galódnaya

    Do you want to have a bite? - Thank you, I'm not hungry.

  • Спаси́бо за то, что вы́ручили. - Всегда́ пожа́луйста.

    spaséeba za to, chto výrucheelee. vseegdá pazhálusta

    Thank you for helping out. - You're always welcome.

  • Спаси́бо. - Не́ за что, ра́да помо́чь.

    spaséeba. nye za chto, ráda pamóch'

    Thank you. - Don't mention it, I'm happy to help.

  • Хо́чешь ко́фе? - Нет, спаси́бо.

    hócheesh' kófye? nyet, spaséeba

    Would you like some coffee? - No thanks.

  • Хо́чешь, я понесу́ су́мку? - Да она́ лёгкая, спаси́бо.

    hócheesh, ya paneesú súmku? da aná lyóhkaya, spaséeba

    Do you want me to carry the bag? - No need, it is light, thanks.

  • Я всё для них сде́лала, а мне никто́ да́же спаси́бо не сказа́л.

    ya fsyo dlya neeh sdyélala, a mnye neektó dázhe spaséeba nye skazál

    I did everything for them, but no one even thanked me.

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