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"Once upon a time" in Russian

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[ zhée-lee-bý-lee ]
once upon a time (lit.: they lived - they were)
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Examples of "Once upon a time" in Russian

  • Жи́ли-бы́ли стари́к со стару́хой.

    zhée-lee-bý-lee sta-réel sa sta-rú-haî

    Once upon a time there lived an old man with an old woman.

  • Жи́ли-бы́ли два кота́: во́семь ла́пок, два хвоста́.

    zhée-lee-bý-lee dva ka-tá: vó-seem' la-pák, dva hvas-tá

    Once upon a time there were two cats: eight legs, two tails.

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