Dedushka - Meaning in Russian

Dedushka means grandfather in Russian. The word dedushka is also used to talk about old men in general.

In Russian alphabet, it’s written де́душка.

Possible variations of dedushka:

дед [dyed] (a bit rude)

деду́ля [dye-dú-lya] (loving)

An old man can be also called стари́к [sta-réek] or старичо́к [sta-ree-chók], from the word ста́рый (old). In this case it’s just a random old man and not a grandpa.

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[dyédushka] Noun , masculine
grandfather, grandpa

Examples of Dedushka in Russian

  • Как здоро́вье ва́шего де́душки?

    kak zdaróv'ye vásheeva dyédushkee

    How is your grandfather's health?

  • Ле́то мы обы́чно проводи́ли у ба́бушки с де́душкой в дере́вне.

    lyéta my abýchna pravadéelee u bábushkee s dyédushkaî v deeryévnye

    We usually spent the summer with our grandma and grandpa in the village.

  • Мой де́душка был лётчиком.

    moî dyédushka byl lyótcheekam

    My grandfather was a pilot.

  • У де́душки боли́т спина́.

    u dyédushkee baléet speená

    Grandpa's back hurts.

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