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"Excellent" in Russian

Russian word of the day | Dec 05, 2017
[ at-léech-na ]
excellent, very good, perfect, great

Examples of "Excellent" in Russian

  • Не беспоко́йтесь, мы обо всём позабо́тимся. - Ну и отли́чно.

    nye bees-pa-kóî-tyes', my a-ba vsyóm pa-za-bó-teem-sya. - nu ee at-léech-na

    Do not worry, we'll take care of everything. - That's great.

  • Он отли́чно говори́т по-ру́сски.

    on at-léech-na ga-va-réet pa-rús-kee

    He speaks excellent Russian.

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Additional examples

More Russian sentences with the words that contain "отличн".

  • Мне пришла́ в го́лову отли́чная иде́я.

    mnye preesh-lá v gó-la-vu at-léech-na-ya ee-dyé-ya

    I have a great idea. (A great idea came to my head.)

  • У меня́ есть отли́чная иде́я.

    u mee-nyá yest' at-léech-na-ya ee-dyé-ya

    I have a great idea.

  • Отли́чно порабо́тали сего́дня, так держа́ть!

    at-léech-na pa-ra-bó-ta-lee see-vód-nya, tak deer-zhát'

    Excellent work today, keep it up!

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