Russian word of the day: Дорого

Nov 05, 2017
[ dó-ra-ga ]


  • Он до́рого заплати́л за свою́ оши́бку.

    on dó-ra-ga zap-la-téel za sva-yú a-shéep-ku

    He paid a high price for his mistake.

  • Э́то о́чень до́рого, есть что подеше́вле?

    é-ta ó-cheen' dó-ra-ga, yest' chto pa-dee-shév-lye

    It is very expensive, is there anything cheaper?

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Additional examples

More Russian sentences with the words that contain "дорого".

  • Он до́рого заплати́л за свою́ оши́бку.

    on dó-ra-ga za-pla-téel za sva-yú a-shéep-ku

    He paid dearly for his mistake.

  • Дорого́е э́то ны́нче удово́льствие!

    da-ra-gó-ye é-ta nýn-che u-da-vól'st-vee-ye

    It's an expensive pleasure these days!

  • За рулём дорого́й маши́ны сиде́ла седа́я стару́шка.

    za ru-lyóm da-ra-góî ma-shée-ny see-dyé-la see-dá-ya sa-rúsh-ka

    A gray-haired old woman was driving (was at the steering wheel of) an expensive car.

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