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"Wonderful" in Russian

Russian word of the day | Oct 14, 2020
[ chu-dyés-nyî ]
wonderful, miraculous, lovely, beautiful, marvellous
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Examples of "Wonderful" in Russian

  • Чуде́сные лю́ди, на́ши сосе́ди, с ни́ми всегда́ интере́сно.

    chu-dyés-ny-ye lyú-dee, na-shee sa-syé-dee, s née-mee fseeg-dá een-tee-ryés-na

    Our neighbors are wonderful people, it's always interesting in their company.

  • Пого́да кака́я чуде́сная, пошли́ погуля́ем?

    pa-gó-da ka-ká-ya chu-dyés-na-ya, pash-lée pa-gu-lyá-eem

    What wonderful weather, let's go for a walk?

Additional examples

More Russian sentences with the words that contain "чудесн".

  • Пого́да сего́дня про́сто чуде́сная.

    pa-gó-da see-vód-nya prós-ta chu-dyés-na-ya

    The weather today is just wonderful.

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