Watch out! in Russian: How to say?


To say watch out! in Russian, you can use these words: осторо́жно, береги́сь, внима́ние. Let’s look at them one by one:

Осторо́жно is an adverb, it can be also translated as сaution, be carefull, look out. For example:

Осторо́жно, маши́на!
[as-ta-rózh-na, ma-shée-na]
Watch out, a car (is coming your way)!

Осторо́жно, здесь окра́шено.
[as-ta-rózh-na, zdyes’ a-krá-shee-na]
Caution, it’s freshly painted here.

Води́ осторо́жно.
[va-dée as-ta-rózh-na]
Drive carefully.

Береги́сь is a command form of the verb беречься which means to be careful, to protect oneself, to beware.

Береги́сь, здесь скользко.
[bee-ree-gées’, zdyes’ skólz-ka]
Watch out, it’s slippery here.

Внима́ние is a noun and normally means attention. But when it’s used by itself, it can mean watch out!:

Watch out! Attention!

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Related Russian words

осторо́жно [astarózhna] Adverb
carefully, cautiously; with care!; be careful!; watch out!

Related examples

  • Води́ осторо́жно.

    vadée astarózhna

    Drive carefully.

  • Осторо́жнее с утюго́м, не обожги́сь!

    astarózhnyeye s utyugóm, nye abazhgées'

    Be careful with the iron, do not burn yourself!

  • Осторо́жно с ножо́м, он о́чень о́стрый!

    astarózhna s nazhóm, on ócheen' óstryî

    Be careful with the knife, it is very sharp!

  • Осторо́жно, окра́шено!

    astarózhna, akráshena

    Careful, it is freshly painted!

  • Осторо́жно, э́то кипято́к, не ошпа́рься!

    astarózhna, éta keepeetók, nye ashpár'sya

    Careful, it's boiling water, don't scald yourself!

  • Осторо́жно, не прищеми́ па́льцы!

    astarózhna, nye preescheemée pál'tsy

    Careful, do not pinch your fingers!

  • Осторо́жно, зла́я соба́ка!

    astarójna, zláya sabáka

    Be aware of the dog! (Lit. - Careful, angry dog!)

  • Осторо́жно с разби́тым стака́ном, не пора́нься!

    astarózhna s razbéetym stakánam, nye parán'sya

    Be careful with the broken glass, do not hurt yourself!

  • Осторо́жно, э́то о́чень хру́пкое!

    astarózhna, éta ócheen' hrúpkaye

    Bе careful, it is very fragile!

  • Не обраща́й внима́ния, они́ про́сто тебе́ зави́дуют!

    nye abrascháî vneemáneeya, anée prósta teebyé zavéeduyut

    Do not pay attention, they just envy you!

  • Они́ целова́лись, не обраща́я внима́ния на дождь.

    anée tselaválees', nye abrascháya vneemáneeya na dozhd'

    They were kissing and not paying attention to the rain.


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