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How to say 

"To wink" in Russian

Russian word of the day | Jul 08, 2021 (see all)
[ pad-mée-gee-vat' ]
Verb , imperfective
Often used with the Dative, Instumental
Perfective - подмигну́ть (see below)
to wink

The perfective aspect

to wink

Examples of "To wink" in Russian

  • Я не уме́ю подми́гивать ле́вым гла́зом.

    ya nye u-myé-yu pad-mée-gee-vat' lyé-vym glá-zam

    I can't wink my left eye.

  • Встре́чные маши́ны подми́гивали нам фа́рами.

    fstryéch-ny-ye ma-shée-ny pad-mée-gee-va-lee nam fá-ra-mee

    Oncoming cars winked at us with their headlights.

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