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"To smile" in Russian

Russian word of the day | Sep 15, 2020
[ u-ly-bá-tsa ]
Verb , imperfective
Perfective - улыбну́ться
to smile

Examples of "To smile" in Russian

  • Я всегда улыбаюсь на фотографиях.

    ya vseeg-dá u-ly-bá-yus' na fa-ta-grá-fee-yah

    I always smile on the pictures.

  • Улыба́йтесь бо́льше и бу́дьте сча́стливы!

    u-ly-báî-tyes' ból'-she ee bút'-tye schás-lee-vy

    Smile more and be happy!

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Same stem words

улы́бка [u-lýp-ka] Noun

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