Russian word of the day: Застёгивать

May 13, 2022 (see all)
[ zas-tyó-gee-vat' ]
Verb , imperfective
Often used with the Accusative
Perfective - застегну́ть
to fasten, to do up, to button up, to buckle, to clasp, to hook

Morphemic analysis

prefix: за
root: стёг
suffix: ива
ending: ть


стежок - stitch, tack
Russian Pod 101


  • Он вы́скочил из подъе́зда на ходу́ застёгивая ку́ртку.

    on výs-ka-cheel ees pad-yéz-da na ha-dú zas-tyó-gee-va-ya kúrt-ku

    He jumped out of the staircase buttoning his jacket on the go.

  • Не застёгивай ве́рхнюю пу́говицу, так лу́чше.

    nye zas-tyó-gee-vaî vyérh-nyu-yu pú-ga-vee-tsu, tak lúch-she

    Don't close the top button, better like that.

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