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Russian word of the day: Офигительный

Nov 09, 2020 (see all)
[ a-fee-gée-teel'-nyî ]
(slang) unbelievable, astounding, mind-blowing


  • Э́то был офиги́тельный пода́рок.

    é-ta byl a-fee-gée-teel'-nyî pa-da-rak

    It was an awesome gift.

  • Она́ гото́вит соверше́нно офиги́тельные пиро́жные.

    a-ná ga-tó-veet sa-veer-shén-na a-fee-gée-teel'-ny-ye pee-rózh-ny-ye

    She makes absolutely amazing cakes.

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Same stem words

фигня́ [feeg-nyá] Noun , feminine
(slang) nonsense; trash, junk; mess; thingy; something small and not important
ни фига́ [nee fee-gá] Phrase
completely nothing, not a thing (slang)

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