You are beautiful in Russian: How to say?

Jul 23, 2019 | How to say it in Russian?

Saying you are beautiful in Russian depends on who you are talking to. We assume that in most cases it would be one person and an informal situation. In that case you can use:

Ты краси́вая.
[ty kra-sée-va-ya]
You are beautiful. (for women)

Ты краси́вый.
[ty kra-sée-vyî]
You are beautiful/handsome. (for men)

If it’s a formal situation, i.e. if you are talking to somebody older than you or somebody who is higher on the social ladder, use the following phrases:

Вы краси́вая.
[vy kra-sée-va-ya]
You are beautiful. (for women)

Вы краси́вый.
[vy kra-sée-vyî]
You are beautiful/handsome. (for men)

Although in formal situations it would be more appropriate to say:

Вы хорошо́ вы́глядите.
[vy ha-ra-shó výg-lya-dee-tye]
You look good.

If you want to complement a few people at once, you can say:

Вы краси́вые.
[vy kra-sée-vy-ye]
You are beautiful. (both for women and man)

Sometimes you want to be more verbose and use such words as very and so. Let’s see how you can do that:

You are very beautiful:

Ты о́чень краси́вая.
[ty ó-cheen’ kra-sée-va-ya]
(for women)

Ты о́чень краси́вый.
[ty ó-cheen’ kra-sée-vyî]
(for men)

Вы о́чень краси́вые.
[vy ó-cheen’ kra-sée-vy-ye]
(both for women and man)

You are so beautiful:

Ты така́я краси́вая.
[ty ta-ká-ya kra-sée-va-ya]
(for women)

Ты тако́й краси́вый.
[ty ta-kóî kra-sée-vyî]
(for men)

Вы таки́е краси́вые.
[vy ta-kée-ye kra-sée-vy-ye]
(both for women and man)

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Related Russian words


[kraséevyî] Adjective
beautiful, handsome, good-looking


[seempatéechnyî] Adjective
pretty, handsome, likable, attractive

Related examples

  • У него́ краси́вый го́лос.

    u neevó kraséevyî gólas

    He has a beautiful voice.

  • Краси́вой оса́нки мо́жно доби́ться регуля́рными упражне́ниями.

    kraséevaî asánkee mózhna dabéetsa reegulyárnymee uprazhnyéneeyame

    Beautiful posture can be achieved by regular exercises.

  • Но́вый па́рень в на́шем кла́ссе о́чень симпати́чный.

    nóvyî páryen' v náshem klássye ócheen' seempatéechnyî

    The new guy in our class is very handsome.

  • У неё бы́ло симпати́чное лицо́ и больши́е голубы́е глаза́.

    u neeyó býla seempatéechnaye leetsó ee bal'shéeye galubýye glazá

    She had a pretty face and big blue eyes.

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