Russian word of the day: Фигня

Jan 07, 2020
[ feeg-nyá ]
Noun , feminine
(slang) nonsense; trash, junk; mess; thingy; something small and not important

Useful information

Фигня comes from the word фиг - a gesture on the picture that means "nothing".


  • Хва́тит фигней занима́ться, займи́тесь де́лом!

    hvá-teet feeg-nyóî za-nee-má-tsa, zaî-mée-tees' dyé-lam

    Stop fooling around, get down to business!

  • Извини́, что так получи́лось. - Да ла́дно, фигня, не пережива́й.

    eez-vee-née, chto tak pa-lu-chée-las' - da lád-na, feeg-nyá, nye pee-ree-zhee-váî

    Sorry for what happened. - That's ok, no worries.

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Same stem words

ни фига́ [nee fee-gá] Phrase
completely nothing, not a thing (slang)
Russian Verb Conjugation

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