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Russian word of the day: Покупать

Jul 26, 2018 (see all)
[ pa-ku-pát' ]
Verb , imperfective
Often used with the Accusative
Perfective - купи́ть (see below)
to buy, to purchase

The perfective aspect

to buy, to purchase
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  • Фру́кты и о́вощи я покупа́ю в ла́вке за угло́м.

    frúk-ty ee ó-va-schee ya pa-ku-pá-yu v láf-kye za ug-lóm

    Fruits and vegetables I buy in a shop around the corner.

  • Где́ вы покупа́ете тако́й вку́сный хлеб?

    gdye vy pa-ku-pá-ee-tye ta-kóî fkús-nyî hlyep

    Where do you buy such delicious bread?

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Same stem words

неподку́пный [nee-pat-kúp-nyî] Adjective

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