See you in Russian: How to say?

Jun 16, 2019 | How to say it in Russian?

There are multiple ways to say see you in Russian. Below you’ll find the most common of them with the pronunciation and translation in English:

See you! (Lit.: We’ll see each other!)

До встре́чи!
[da fstryé-chee]
See you next time! (Lit.: Until next meeting!)

До ско́рого!
[da skó-ra-va]
See you soon! (Lit.: Until soon!)

When you need to be more specific about when the next meeting is, you can use one of the following phrases:

До понеде́льника!
[da pa-nee-dyél’-nee-ka]
See you on Monday! (Lit.: Until Monday!)

(You might find helpful to learn about the Russian days of week and how to use them in different situations.)

До встре́чи че́рез неде́лю!
[da fstryé-chee chyé-ryes nee-dyé-lyu]
See you in a week! (Lit.: Until the meeting in a week!)

Уви́димся на выходны́х!
[u-vée-deem-sya na vy-had-nýh]
See you on weekend! (Lit.: We’ll see each other on weekend!)

You might have noticed that the Russians often use the word дава́й (davai). If you want to sound like a real Russian, you can say see you later like that:

Ну всё, дава́й, до встре́чи!
[nu fsyo, da-váî, da fstryé-chee]
Ok, well, see you later!

Дава́й, уви́димся!
[da-váî, u-vée-deem-sya]
Ok, see you later!

Listen to "See you" in Russian

The audio recording includes all the examples (in bold and blue) listed above.

Related Russian words


[vstreechátsa] Verb , imperfective
to meet, to see, to date (somebody)


[fstryéteetsa] Verb , perfective
to meet, to encounter, to come across

Related examples

  • В како́е вре́мя мы за́втра встреча́емся?

    v kakóye vryémya my závtra vstreecháeemsya

    What time do we meet tomorrow?

  • Дава́й встре́тимся че́рез час.

    daváî fstryéteemsya chyéryes chas

    Let's meet in an hour.

  • Дава́й встре́тимся за́втра, пообе́даем где́-нибудь?

    daváî fstryéteemsya záftra, paabyédaeem gdyeneebút'

    Let's meet tomorrow, have lunch somewhere?

  • Ты мог бы меня́ встре́тить в аэропорту́?

    ty mok by meenyá fstryéteet' v aerapartú

    Could you meet me at the airport?

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